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content creation & other services

Does any of this sound familiar to you: You know what you want but don't have the time to make it happen. OR/ Spent another late night editing photos, creating graphics, and trying to take the perfect flat lay shot, woke up a total grump. OR/ gave the kids box mac&cheese AGAIN to have more time to focus on making blog posts.  Forget spending your valuable time trying to learn and do all of this yourself. Outsource it. I'll catch your vision, help you figure out what and how to do it, and put the light on your best side. And best of all, you don't have to do a thing. 

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website content creation

Keep the momentum Going. 

$50 per post-Text only (600+ words, organic SEO, long tail search phrases, etc.)

$75 per post- Text and stock images

$100 per post-Text, stock images, and Pinterest graphic image

$150 per post- Text, custom images, and Pinterest graphic image




Assistant Work


media kits


Graphic Design

I've been there, so let me help you get there, too.

Consulting-$30 per hour

Sending/Replying to E-mails-$30 per hour

Book Keeping-$30 per hour


put your best foot forward

Newsletters-$50 for the first page + $15 per additional page 

Media Kits-$50 for the first page + $15 per additional page

Graphic Design Work- $30 an hour