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7 Easy Beginner Filming Tips to Make View Worthy Videos

Hey you! Before we dive right in to these beginner filming tips, you need to give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for wanting to incorporate video in to what you are already doing. That definitely says a lot about you, because I’m sure you are already super busy as it is. BUT, if you want to take what you do to the next level, video is where it’s at!

Research shows that within the next few years, blogs are going to plateau and videos are going to skyrocket.  So the fact that you are getting your foot in the door now, is amazing! Seriously, way to go!

With that being said, let’s get down to business.

7 Easy Beginner Filming Tips to Make View Worthy Videos


Alright, there are a lot of beginner filming tips out there these days. Which can make it hard to know where to start. But luckily for you, I have used my years of experience and own personal research to narrow everything down to the meat of what any beginner videographer should know. So, if you really want to hit the ground running with your videos, here’s everything you need to help you and your work shine like a freaking star and get you the views that you really want.

  1. Invest in the right equipment.  

    Of course, we all have to start somewhere.  So until you have the money to get all the professional gear you’ll have to work with what you got. And that’s O.K.!  Even the biggest Youtuber you can think of once came from their own humble beginnings.

    However, once you have your money saved up, it’s time to spend that hard earned dough; and the first thing you will want to invest in is a camera that offers 4K video. My personal favorite is the Canon G7X.  Not only does it take great photos, but it also takes great videos thanks to it’s flip screen that allows you to see yourself while filming, microphone, and of course...4K high resolution definition that gives you a super clear video image.  PLUS, this camera is compact and super easy to take with you if you’re going to film while you’re out and about somewhere and don’t want to deal with a lot of filming equipment.

    Once you have your camera, you will eventually want to look into all the other equipment that will help you film the best videos you possibly can.  This includes lighting (for those days when sitting in front of window with blinds drawn up just won’t cut it), isolated microphone, tripod, etc. This can be a lot to keep track of, so CLICK HERE to get the perfect filmmaking equipment list!

  2. Have a plan + Make your video worth watching

    When you’re ready to start filming, it’s important to remember that you need to have a plan for each video you want to create. Videos are definitely something you don’t want to shoot on a whim. Except for when you’re doing a vlog. But even then, all the professional vloggers have some sort of plan in mind. Even it’s a relatively loose one. They still have something that keeps them focused on the message they want to share with their audience.

    Each plan can be as detailed or minimally outlined as you please. Just make sure to always keep your viewers in mind because, at the end of the day, you want them to come back and watch every video you make! Aside from that, having a plan of action for each video will give you better guidance on how to film, speed up the editing process, and ensure that you don’t leave anything important out. Helping you to create a better overall end product that will help you retain your current audience,  attract more viewers, and gain all the followers/subscribers your little filmmaking heart desires!

  3. Relax

    Now that you are officially ready to get in front of the camera and start filming, it’s important to remember to breathe! Viewers can tell right away if you are self conscious or uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Video editing can definitely help eliminate some of this, but not all of it. So, before you film a video, make sure to do something that helps you relax.  This can be in the form of meditation, dancing to your favorite song, or even doing some simple breathing exercises. Whatever your preference may be, make sure to do it until you are no longer get nervous sitting in front of a camera.

    If for some reason your nerves get the best of you when you’re in the middle of filming, and you notice your talking a lot faster than you normally do or continually stumble over your words…don’t panic! This happens to almost everyone in the beginning. So just pause, take a deep breath, and then start where you left off. Doing this will not only help you stay in the zone while, but will also make it tons easier to edit and piece together your video once you are done filming.

  4. Be yo’ self

    This beginner filming tip is super important. Just like viewers can tell when you’re nervous or uncomfortable, they can also tell if you are being “fake” or “acting out your part”.  Something you really want to avoid like the plague. Nowadays, viewers like things to be raw and real. So don’t be afraid to let your personality and quirks shine through in your video; because that’s how you’ll draw your viewers in and make them lifelong followers/subscribers.

  5. Connect with your audience

    When it comes down to it, he best ways to connect with your audience are by doing the following…

    Do videos on topics your audience is interested in.  And easy way to figure this out is by doing a call to action in your videos and asking your audience to let you know what videos they would like to see you do.

    Make eye contact.  You will do this by looking directly into your camera, while filming each of your videos, as much as possible.  Doing this will make your viewers feel like you are talking directly to them, and will allow them to form a better connection with you.

    Be real.  As mentioned above, people can tell when you aren’t being your true self.  So open up and let your viewers see the real you, because it will allow them to form a stronger connection with you and genuinely care about you.  Making them a true viewer that will eagerly anticipate and watch every video you make.

  6. The 3 E’s

    Want your videos to have thousands of views?  Well, a great way to do that is by making sure each video you make has some sort of emotional, educational, or engaging aspect to it (aka the 3 E’s).  Sometimes it can be hard to make sure each video has all 3 of these things.  But you definitely want to make sure that every video you make has at least one; because it helps your audience connect more with you and your videos, which again leads to more views and subscribers.  

  7. Do your research!

    We grow by continually learning and researching things. So, if you want to stay on your video making A-game, you’ll want to make sure to do the following two things…

    • Every few months, go back and watch past videos that you’ve made.  Make a list of things you are crushing as well as a list of things you could work on and review it every time you film a new video.  

    • Make a list of successful youtubers who do what you do (i.e-if you do makeup videos, watch videos done by popular/famous makeup youtubers) and take notes on the things you like/don’t like about their videos and then apply that to the videos you make in your own unique way.

    • Keep up to date on the latest trends/topics within your niche, as well as youtube strategies, and filming strategies and equipment.


There you have it friends!

By now, I’m sure you’re already thinking how much work you have to do. And you’re right, making videos is a lot of work! But I promise you’re hard work will definitely pay off; putting you leaps and bounds above your competition! So get to work, and remember…YOU GOT THIS!

What are you most excited about when it comes to filming your own videos? Share in the comments below because I’d love to know!

See you soon!