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11 Easy Time Management Tips for Working Moms

Time management.  It's something us working mom out there is striving to stay on top of and accomplish.  However, when you are trying to raise babies, have professional career, and basically conquer the world, time rarely seems to be on our sides these days.  Luckily, the good news is that even the busiest of moms can learn to acquire awesome time management skills to help make even the craziest of days seem doable.  Something I'm sure you already know. As a working mom myself, I can totally relate.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I got to end of a day and found myself wondering what I had even accomplished aside from not forgetting my name or having a kid die on my watch.  It may seem funny, but the struggle is so real!  Which is why today, I am going to tell you what I do to make the impossible seem very possible with some easy time management skills every mom should have in her tool belt.  So let's get to it...shall we?!


11 Easy Time Management Tips for Working Moms


If you do nothing else, make sure you are getting enough sleep!  Otherwise, you'll drag all day, end up wasting your time, and end up way behind on everything you need to get done.  Schedule sleep like it's another activity you need to accomplish and make sure to follow through.  Doing this will give you the energy and focus you need to get through each day so you can properly function and hit the pavement running like the hard core mom boss that you are! Note: Us moms can't go to bed until our kids do.  Which is why it's important to also remember that your kids need a bed time schedule too.


Ok!  I have to admit, I was horrible with this during my kids summer break this year.  With my kids at home all day every day, it was hard for me to work while they were awake.  So, I would instead wait to work after they went to bed and stay up till literally 2 AM which totally went against my first tip.  Ha ha!  Like I said, my time management skills are still a work in progress themselves ;) Buuuut, when you can make sure to set aside blocks of time when you can focus on work.  For example maybe your work hours are when your kids are at school, or maybe they are when you baby takes their nap(s).  Whatever it may be, just make sure to pencil it in and do your best not to deviate from it.


As moms, we want to say yes to almost everything when it comes to the needs of our kids.  However, saying 'yes' can take away time you should be using to get work done.  One great way to do this is by getting your hands on your kids' school and classroom calendars.  This way you can see what will be happening in the upcoming school year, ask your kids what events are most important for you to attend, and schedule those out.  After you've done that, the rest is just fluff and you can more easily say no to it when asked to contribute.  It sounds harsh, but just remember that you will be contributing during certain times throughout the school year, so don't let the mom guilt tear you up inside.  It will get you nowhere.  Trust me.

4. Set Realistic Goals

When you're a mom boss you have a lot of goals you want to achieve that are both big and small.  Which is super important, because goals are what keep you motivated.  However, don't forget the season of life you are currently in as you are setting your goals.  Meaning, that if you have a baby or two that needs your constant nurturing, then there may be some goals that won't quite be the best for you set during the your current baby raising season of life.  This doesn't mean that you can't ever achieve the goals that you want to.  It just means that you may need to put some on hold until you are in a different season of life; because a 'goal list' is useless if the things you put on it are too unachievable for the time being.  So, instead, strive to set attainable goals that you can easily complete.

5. Kiss Multitasking Goodbye

Even though we like to think we can do it all, we can't.  Sure, as women, we are more than capable of doing a lot of things all at once; but how many times have you been able to perfectly execute one task when you had 5 other things you were trying to give your attention to?  Realistically, people perform way better when they only focus on one thing instead of many at any given time.  Which is why blocking out specific times when you set your mom responsibilities aside and focus only on what you need to do for work is a great way to ensure that your time management skills are at their peak.  If you have little kids that don't go to school yet, this can be way easier said, then done.  But trust me, I totally get it!  Right now, I have two children who are in school for 6 hours every day, one that goes to afternoon preschool every day for 2.5 hours, and another who is 2 and at home with me 24/7.  Which means finding time to get work done during the day can be quite tricky.  However, my 2 year old still takes one nap during the day.  So I've gotten him to the point where he naps right after I drop my preschool aged child off at school; and while he's napping I crunch in 2.5 hours of work until before it's time for me to wake my 2 year old up from his nap and go pick up my child from preschool.  After that, I have it set up to where my remaining work hours are done after I've put all four of my kids to bed.  Tricky?  Yes.  Doable?  HECK YES!  Just do what works best for you and your kids and adjust as needed. 

6. Let go of Perfection

Let it go!  Let it go!  Just let the need for perfection go right. this. minute!  No one is perfect.  So why do us moms always have it in our heads that we need to be?  It's quite silly and something that can be extremely damaging to our success both as a mom and as a working working woman.  Instead, learn to love and embrace your imperfections, because they are what make you, Y-O-U!  Once you can do that, you can stop comparing yourself to others and use what you got to be one bad ass mom boss!

7. Limit Your Internet Use

Pssst...want better time management skills?  Step away from the internet!  If you aren't working, then the time you spend surfing the web, scrolling through Instagram, watching Youtube tutorials, or whatever, should be kept to a minimum.  Because what starts as an innocent little browsing break most often leads to you falling down some online rabbit hole; and before you know it, an hour or more of your precious time is gone.  Just like you establish screen time limits for your kids, you too should have screen time limits too.  This is a rule I'm a huge stickler on for myself because I am one of those girls who can easily get sucked into some hashtag thread on social media.  Which is why I don't let myself have any personal screen time until I've accomplished all that I need to for the day.  It sounds silly, but it works.  Ensuring that I don't waste any time and am able to stay on task and avoid getting behind schedule.  

8. Have F-U-N!

Being a working mom can be super stressful.  However, being stressed out can limit your productivity and mess with your time management skills.  Which is why it's very important to make sure you schedule vacations, lunch dates with friends, fun family outings, and anything else to keep you from getting burnt out. 

9. Be Mindful

This is probably a phrase you've heard before, but it's a super important thing to do if you want to improve your time management skills.  Mainly because being mindful allows you to tune into all the tasks you need to get done and exactly what you need to do to achieve them.  There are lots of ways to become more mindful; but my favorites are yoga and meditation.  Not your things?  That's totally ok?  Just find whatever helps you stay focused when your brain feels like it's all over the place.

10. Rely on Others

As a working mom, it's super easy to takeover something you asked someone else to do.  Doing this, however, can take up a lot of your time that you really can't afford to waste.  So, whether it's people you may work with, your spouse, or even your kids, avoid micromanaging as best you can and trust everyone to manage their own responsibilities.  

11. Know When to Delegate

Letting of control is sooooo hard, but it's also extremely necessary if you want to master time management.  Delegating doesn't mean you are giving up.  Instead, it shows others how confident you are in their abilities to get things done and also lets you maximize the potential of your time management capabilities.

There you have it!  11 easy time management tips for all you hard working mamas.  Being a mom boss is no easy business.  But, these 11 time management tips can make your life so much easier.  Do you have any specific things that you do to stay on task with your time?  If so, feel free to share below!

Now get out there and kick some ass!


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