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In order to be successful on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube you need to spend a good amount of time creating, sharing, and connecting. When you choose to say "Yes" to working on that Instagram caption, you're saying "No" to things like brunch with your besties, time with your kids, and cuddling with your husband. Virtual Assistant Chellie Pete, can take these projects off your plate and help you return to what made you get into all of this in the first place. 


business facebook management

Let me curate and schedule posts for your Facebook business pages. 

$200 per month


Instagram management

Create content (photos and wordage) for instagram posts and oversee general grid layout and design.

$30 an hour


social media interaction

You have more FUN things to do

than worry about your Social Media Interaction, so let me hand it for you (I'll like images, respond to comments, comment on other feeds, etc)

$30 an hour

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influencer/network outreach

You probably have a notebook full of ideas

and people you want to work with, but it always seems to get away from you. Yeah? So, that's where I come in. Let's finally get those ideas off paper and into the real world. 

$30 an hour